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About Us was created as a free information resource to assist friends, fellow real estate investors, business associates, neighbors, and HOA communities in filing their annual Georgia property tax appeals.

Matthew Chan

Matthew Chan is a licensed Real Estate Broker & licensed Real Estate Instructor in Georgia & Florida. Prior to this, Matthew was an investor/principal and landlord of 20+ years who bought, sold, financed, and leased properties in Georgia and Alabama. He also assisted in the management of family real estate in Central Florida.

It was through his own personal and business experiences as a property owner, landlord, and real estate investor that he was forced to learn how to file, negotiate, and win Georgia tax appeals on behalf of himself, business associates, and business partners. To date, Matthew has personally filed and negotiated 200+ tax appeals across six Georgia counties.

Real Estate Instructor

Over the years, Matthew was compelled to learn the Georgia tax appeals process for himself through personal perseverance and determined self-education. Some of the tasks he was compelled to learn included:

  • How to fill out tax appeal forms
  • How to gather comps and other evidence to support his valuations
  • How to take photos that supported his valuations
  • How to write emails and letters to the tax assessors office
  • How to call and communicate by phone with the tax assessors office
  • How to follow-up on the appeal after it has been filed
  • What deadlines are critical in the tax appeal process
  • How Board of Equalization hearings are scheduled
  • What happens in the Board of Equalization hearings
  • How to negotiate a settlement with the tax assessors office
  • How the average citizen can win their tax appeals
  • How the tax assessors office operate and what the different staff does
  • How to represent others in filing a tax appeal
  • What to look for if you want someone else to file a tax appeal on your behalf
  • Where to find the manual of rules and procedures that tax assessors office must follow in Georgia

Over the years, Matthew has filed many forms, written many emails and letters, made many phone inquiries, and made many personal visits to the tax assessor office to learn what he knows today. He has interviewed tax assessors and managers, and attended Board of Equalization hearings to better understand, communicate, and interact with the tax assessors.

Matthew’s formal education includes a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) from University of Central Florida and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Webster University.

Matthew can also be found at:,,, and Real Estate Command YouTube Channel.